Investing in Our Planet: Earth Day 2022

This year’s Earth Day theme - Invest in Our Planet – calls for bold action; broad innovation; and equitable implementation; which Greenleaf advances through sustainable investment forums, global climate policy, nature-based solutions, renewable energy, and green initiatives in underserved communities.

Sustainable Financial Investments: The annual Sustainable Investment Conference returns to Chicago this year on November 10; Bob Litterman (Founding partner of Kepos Capital and Chairman of the Risk Committee) will provide the keynote to investment and corporate leaders. Bob Litterman is Chairman of the Climate-Related Market Risk Subcommittee of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) which released the 2020 report, "Managing Climate Risk in the U.S. Financial System."

Green and Just Cities: Francine van den Brandeler contributed to the UN’s “Global Environmental Outlook for Cities: Towards Green and Just Cities” and recently presented on how nature-based solutions can enhance equity, justice, health, and quality of life while providing environmental, economic, and climate benefits. The report also addresses multi-species justice issues and how cities can support biodiversity.

Global Price on Carbon: Greenleaf’s climate policy recommendations stand on three pillars that are increasingly being understood and embraced around the world: a domestic carbon tax; formation of a global Climate Club; and establishment of Carbon Surcharge Transfer payments to assist developing countries as they transition to low-carbon economies and adapt to climate risks.

Sequestering Carbon in Healthy Soils: Carbon sequestered in soil organic matter reduces greenhouse gas effects; transitioning farms to regenerative agriculture can be advanced through carbon measuring and monitoring tools and programs that inform market payments to large producer networks such as those our partners engage in the middle U.S.;  yielding improved environmental and economic outcomes.

Renewable Energy Solutions: Distributed, renewable energy and energy storage is critical for the carbon-free energy transition. We work with innovative companies like Intelligent Generation on smart solar + energy storage solutions, Econergy who empowers schools to transition to renewable energy, and Medill Renewables, a minority-owned firm that connects environmentally conscious enterprises with responsible clean energy producers.

Equitable Participation in Sustainable Solutions: Access for all to green spaces and clean energy is necessary for a just society; we are working with partners on Chicago’s South and West sides to enhance community resilience and social cohesion through green infrastructure, clean energy/energy efficiency, and an environmental curriculum to educate the next generation on sustainability.

We urgently need to invest in Planet Earth to mitigate climate change and environmental degradation, and protect the health, well-being and prosperity of current and future generations.

Invest in Our Planet through innovative partnerships for an equitable and sustainable future.


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