Program Priorities

Our programs focus on addressing the environmental sources of human health concerns. Greenleaf investigates environmental influences on health and takes action to protect critical resources, including the climate that drives the natural systems upon which we depend, safe and available supplies of fresh water, and agricultural soils that support the food we eat. Going to the source and preventing the problem from occurring, rather than only treating its symptoms, will yield far greater dividends for society and the planet as a whole. Environmental impacts on water and food security, coupled with events related to climate change, are likely to influence population movements and exacerbate disease, adversely affecting human health.

Our Priorities

Healthy Climate

Our climate and atmospheric resources are under threat from rising greenhouse gas emissions and unsustainable land use changes. We are bringing leading climate science and economic analysis to the U.S. policy debates on carbon pricing as described in the National Energy Transition Plan for America (authored by past Presidential advisors Dr. Roy Wehrle and Dr. Don Wuebbles). We assist the University of Illinois and its Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (CURES), which brings cities solutions to urban stresses through its growing network of research and practitioner partners, in building a partnership network to serve the region.

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Healthy Soils

Improving agricultural management practices to improve soil health, reduce nutrient runoff into area waterways,  conserve water, and increase crop yields and quality. We collaborate with industry, research centers, agencies and environmental organizations to advance multidisciplinary and whole system management practices for the agricultural lands that impact our nation’s waters.

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Healthy Water

We focus on projects that protect water quality and quantity both in the urban and rural/agricultural landscapes by influencing water management and water conservation practices. In addition to addressing water quality and conservation through land management, we also work with innovative technology companies, industry and research centers, with a special interest in the water-energy nexus.

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