Align like the Planets – Summer Solstice

I rose early this morning to planetary alignment in the southeastern sky and stayed out to watch a solstice sun rise out of Lake Michigan to brighten our world.  It gave me pause; time for reflection on the sustenance Earth affords us and all of life, and to recommit to stewardship of those resources.

Greenleaf board members are working across societies advancing such alignment: leading the National Academy of Sciences’ development of a framework for evaluating greenhouse gases; gathering economists from around the world to inform climate policy; aligning data standards and measurement and monitoring protocols to guide regenerative agriculture and pay farmers for putting nutritious food on our table while stewarding land, water and atmospheric resources; bringing together the brightest lights in industry to engage in the Clean Energy Transition; and persisting in calling for policy and practice reforms to stave off a western water crisis in the U.S.  We seek alignment across knowledge domains and sectors of society as all are interdependent within the same planetary orbit.

So, let’s take a moment to reflect on the magnificent creation that is Planet Earth, align as planetary stars, and touch the moon of sustainable light as we work together on our common mission – a healthy and sustainable world.

Sunrise over Lake Michigan on the Summer Solstice. Photo by John Andersen.

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