Greenleaf Advisors

Greenleaf Advisors® is a consulting and transaction-services firm that builds sustainable enterprises and communities by bridging them to the resources and strategies they need to develop in a healthy way. Greenleaf Advisors engages at the intersection of capital, business, science and policy to serve organizations that are addressing the sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources to become leading enterprises. Greenleaf Advisors focuses on improving soil and water quality and reducing nutrient loading into waterways among other sustainability issues. Greenleaf Advisors’ mission is to develop a healthy society by creating business strategies and nurturing partnerships that reduce adverse impact to the global environment and raise the quality of life for all.

Greenleaf Advisors’ vision is to live in a world where business practices add to the sustainable value of land and water resources while improving human quality of life.

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Land use in urban and rural landscapes, conservation, soil health for sustainable agricultural production, erosion control, and water quality.
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Preservation of supplies, improved quality through resource management and treatment technologies, intelligent stormwater management.
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Renewables (e.g. solar) and storage for energy optimization plus cogeneration for efficiency gains and microgrids for resiliency.
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Market reuse of industrial materials and commercialization of technologies that economically treat and reuse resources from waste streams.
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