An Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on the Great Lakes released today

Today Greenleaf Board member, Dr. Don Wuebbles, released “An Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on the Great Lakes,” which he led with many Scientists and Experts from Universities and Institutions in the Great Lakes Region, sponsored by the Environmental Law & Policy Center and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.  The report brings into sharp focus the stress which climate change is already placing on the region’s environmental and infrastructure systems, economy, ecology, and health.  The reality is that the situation will become much more severe if there is not a rapid and comprehensive response to mitigate the causes of climate change, and to adapt to its consequences.

The board members, clients and partners of Greenleaf Advisors and Greenleaf Communities are working on several mitigation and adaptation solutions, including the advancement of renewable energies, such as intelligently managed solar plus energy storage that generates clean electricity and protects assets; optimization of storm water management infrastructure that prevents flooding; restorative agricultural practices that improve soil health; and recycling of industrial materials saving resources and reducing greenhouse gasses; to name a few.  Several of these practices are profiled in Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, edited by Paul Hawken.  It highlights practical and profitable solutions being deployed today that can reduce the loading of greenhouse gasses that are causing rapid changes to our atmospheric systems and achieve the goals many believe are imperative for our health and security.

Attending to climate change has become a top priority for Greenleaf in its mission to advance a healthy and sustainable world, as climate is a primary driver of ecosystem formations and functions.  It’s the first week of Spring; a time of renewal.  Let’s renew our commitments to protect the resources we share - our commons - the Great Lakes watershed, and Planet Earth, for our grandchildren’s future, and our own.

Please contact Greenleaf to discuss how we can collaborate on addressing this urgent challenge facing us in the Great Lakes, and across the world.

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