Protecting Land, Water, and Atmospheric Resources

On August 30th, John Andersen presented with Greenleaf board members, Dr. Don Wuebbles of the University of Illinois and Dr. Sabina Shaikh of the University of Chicago, in Lake Forest on “Protecting Land, Water, and Atmospheric Resources for Human Health.”

John Andersen shared the Healthy Soils for Healthy Waters and Healthy Food initiative and discussed how complex environmental challenges require integrated whole systems approaches to their resolution. He discussed how Greenleaf Advisors and Greenleaf Communities bridge enterprises across areas of expertise and interests to achieve results, including the application of expert scientific knowledge to inform public policies and industry practices.

Dr. Don Wuebbles spoke about his climate research and establishment of the University of Illinois’ new Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (Illinois CURES).  Dr. Wuebbles shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his work on Climate Change and is the lead author of the most recent U.S. climate assessment report.  His earlier research was the scientific foundation to the Montreal Protocol, a global treaty signed by 197 nations to protect humanity from depletion of Earth’s protective atmospheric ozone layer resulting from industrial pollution.

Dr. Sabina Shaikh presented her research on the connections between environmental quality and human well-being. Dr. Shaikh is Director of the Program on Global Environment at the University of Chicago where she leads the Environment, Agriculture, and Food working group.

Dick Munson gave a brief overview of his recent book, Tesla: Inventor of the Modern. Dick is Director of EDF’s Midwest Clean Energy, where he works to advance the use of clean energy in Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

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