Let the sun shine – Celebrating the Winter Solstice

On the Winter Solstice, Earth stands still, pausing, shifting, moving toward days filled with light. We, too, pause to reflect, and move fervently toward a more sustainable world, giving thanks to those whose work stewards earth’s resources for all.

  • Don Wuebbles, Julia Armstrong D’Agnese, and Frank D’Agnese at Earth Knowledge whose planetary intelligence platform informs climate and nature risk.  
  • Jay Marhoefer and Intelligent Generation whose networked distributed clean energy systems light up customer operations. 
  • John Jimison, Miriam Maes, and the Energy Transition Forum for their intercontinental leadership on decarbonization.  
  • Jim Hietala and Open Footprint Forum for GHG emissions data standards that could form a key linchpin to good governance and accountability among corporations and investors worldwide. 
  • Brian Richter’s expert interdisciplinary research at Sustainable Waters guiding solutions to the water-stressed west.
  • Francine van den Brandeler at the Swiss Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology for her research on addressing governance barriers to Nature-Based Solutions and decentralized wastewater reuse.
  • Warren Dick’s global sustainable agricultural expertise including his development of Bethel Agricultural Association in Ethiopia. 
  • Bob Litterman who advises on climate-related financial risk for investors, governments, and nonprofits, and who informs carbon pricing considerations to accelerate transition off fossil fuels.
  • Blacks in Green’s Naomi Davis, David Yocca, and Nuri Madina, developing sustainable and just communities. 
  • Paul West and Jon Foley at Project Drawdown, a world-leading resource for climate solutions.   
  • Ali Fatemi’s leadership on sustainable finance guiding research, assessment and development of ESG considerations in the global financial markets.

Let us continue on our sustainable path, taking purposeful steps, respecting each other, sharing knowledge, stewarding resources, giving to that which sustains all of us. Planet Earth.  

Happy Holidays – John

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