Our Approach


Our fundamental philosophy can be explained through our framework, Health by Design. We believe that the best, most efficient way to deal with many human health issues, such as cancer, is to prevent them by addressing the environmental factors that cause them, rather than simply focusing on treatment.


Greenleaf Communities recognizes the interconnectivity of environmental problems and its impact on people. To further progress in the field, Greenleaf Communities fosters understanding and facilitates the exchange of ideas across sectors and disciplines. Greenleaf Communities recruits and organizes multidisciplinary teams of scientists and technologists from academia, government, and industry. The teams communicate their research findings to inform environmental health issues, advancing sustainable practices and policies related to the use of land, water, materials, and energy resources. Our impartiality, strong foundations, and deep knowledge are what make us successful in building bridges and long-lived relationships. Our networks and experience allow us to offer tailored, accessible, and effective services and advice including:

  • Strong, multi-disciplinary research teams with the capability to do field and laboratory testing
  • Expert advising and excellent project management
  • Solution-based, tailored answers and technical assistance with implementation

Greenleaf Communities receives grants, direct donations, and fees for services.