It’s a New Dawn – Collective Intelligence for our Common Good

"The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it." - Amanda Gorman.

I am comforted by President Biden’s call for unity and the pursuit of common objects that we love, including truth. Scientific Truth must guide decisions and actions across human endeavor if we are to move toward a sustainable future. Today I wish to reiterate my appreciation for those who seek to understand nature’s reality and share that knowledge with the rest of us who engage in social constructs of humankind, our policies and practices. We all depend upon the natural resources that nourish and sustain us; and communities and enterprises are increasingly committed to sustaining those resources for generations to come.

I’m often reminded of how interconnected natural systems are: the soils, that if healthy, filter fresh water and purify the air while growing our crops; and the changing climate that from the beginning has governed evolving ecosystems that support life. Let us champion the scientists who study the forces that shape our world while patiently engaging the rest of us so we may be informed by nature’s laws as we go about our business. If we use our collective intelligence, we just might help sustain that which sustains humankind on Planet Earth.

As we witness another transition of power in the midst of a devastating pandemic and with a worsening climate crisis, let us honor the pursuit of fact-based truths and show appreciation for those invested in our common good, including the dedicated scientists and practitioners on the board and staff of Greenleaf Communities and Greenleaf Advisors and the many partners with whom we are privileged to work.

John A. Andersen, Jr.

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