Climate Change and the North Shore webinar resources

On January 12th, international climate scientist and University of Illinois professor emeritus Dr. Don Wuebbles discussed climate science and its implications for the North Shore with support from John Andersen and Francine van den Brandeler. Watch a recording of the presentation here. We invite you to contact us to move climate, energy, water, soil/green infrastructure solutions forward. Please email Katie DeMuro at or sign up for our newsletter.

Climate Policy Reports:

Recommendations on a Climate Club and Carbon Surcharge Transfer

Addressing Climate Change Using A Carbon Tax & Dividend Plan Within A Global Compact

Climate Science Reports:

IPCC Report 2021

Fourth National Climate Assessment

Climate Science Special Report

The Nature Conservancy Illinois Climate Report

ELPC Climate Change and the Great Lakes

Climate Action Plan for the Chicago Region

United Nations Global Environmental Outlook for Cities - Towards Green and Just Cities

Greenleaf sustainable solutions:

Greenleaf Advisors and our energy service partners deliver clean, reliable, and affordable energy solutions. See a summary here.

Greenleaf Communities and Greenleaf Advisors work to protect and maintain the quality, reliability, and security of our water resources and manage water flows with sustainable solutions. See our recent op-ed on water solutions for Chicagoland in Crain's Chicago Business.

Greenleaf is dedicated to integrated and whole systems approaches to the sustainable management of lands. We value regenerative agricultural practices that conserve water and nutrients, sequester carbon, protect and restore soils, and make agriculture more resilient.

Greenleaf's Board Member, Brian Richter, writes on the impact of beef on the Colorado River Basin.